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Top Kitchen Appliance Trends of 2020

1. Unique finishes

Builder News reports, “one of the most in-demand alternatives is black stainless, with a rich, matte look that puts a new face, and a sleek edge, on traditional stainless steel”. We’re looking for kitchen appliances that combine both form, function, and appearance. Something with a sleek, modern look and smart features.

2. Smart appliances

Since you’re renovating your kitchen, why not go ahead and upgrade to smart appliances that will simplify your time in the kitchen. Why smart appliances? They can help diagnose problems and communicate with other smart appliances and devices. They offer energy monitoring, remote monitoring, and even take you into the future of cooking! There’s even a coffee machine prototype where you set the strength and brew time from your iPad and then you get a notification when your coffee is ready. Um, yes please. 

3. Side-by-side refrigeration

Apparently, this is back! For a while the trend was the fridge with a big freezer drawer on the bottom. As of 2020, if you still have your side-by-side, then your fridge is trendy again! Whatever your preference on where your freezer is, a refrigerator can become the “statement” piece of your kitchen when it’s paired well with the character of your cabinetry, countertops, and other appliances. There are so many fridge options today, including retro styles if you’re going for the industrial or mid-century modern look! Which brings us to our last trend.

4. Pops of color

Color in the kitchen doesn’t just apply to paint. Many appliance companies are starting to offer ovens, refrigerators, and more, in vibrant or muted colors depending on your preference. If you plan on sticking to a neutral paint palette, retro fridges add a fun pop of color. Oven ranges can become the focal point of the kitchen with beautiful color options. Even “hiding” your appliances is trendy! If you’re just not a fan of the stainless-steel look, or want more a more natural design, there are ways to conceal your appliances (including the range hood) to match the rest of the kitchen. 

Whichever appliances you choose to go with for your updated kitchen, sit down with BMR Homes Remodeling and Restoration to go over your desires! They’ll make sure your appliances and other choices blend together well to create the kitchen you’ve been dreaming of!  Give us a call today, (205)769-9967. 


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