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Top 5 Questions to Ask for a Bathroom Remodel

Starting the process of planning your new bathroom renovation may seem daunting at first – but it can actually be simple! Just use these questions to narrow down your needs and ideas. You’ll be ready to start your new bathroom design with BMR Homes.

Bathroom Remodeling/Renovation Questionnaire

Where is the bathroom located?

Is it in the master bedroom, hall, basement, guest room, upstairs, off the living room? If you’re wanting to expand it, what is next to that bathroom?

Who are the primary users of this bath?

It’s important to determine who will be using this bathroom the most: Young or elderly adults, children, teens, or guests? A bathroom for visiting grandparents will be a much different remodel than a bathroom that 3 kids share each night. 

What is the main purpose for the remodel?

Do you want to update your current bathroom, expand your bathroom, fix a problem, or make it more accessible? This is quite possibly the most important question to ponder. A project to turn your bathroom into a relaxing oasis will be drastically different from a remodel focused on accessibility. Really take time to decide what you want the function to be in that renovated space!

What special features are on your wish list?

What are you missing now that could make your new bathroom remodel that much better? Luxury showerheads & systems, whirlpool, makeup lighting, full mirrors, his and her vanity design, bidet, basin sink, decorative hardware, closet cabinetry, frameless shower doors, floor-to-ceiling designer tile, storage, accessible features like walk-in shower with seating bench and grab bars, radiant heating in floor, windows or skylights, motion sensor faucets, easy-clean, home spa features, water/energy savers…? Your new bathroom can be spa-like, more accessible, or full of the latest technology. You (and your budget) have to decide what your wish list will look like.  

What color scheme would you prefer?

You can get super ahead of the game by picking paint swatches or can come up with a general idea like “gray neutrals”. 

Click through the photo gallery on our home page for inspiration, clip pictures from magazines of colors/design that you like of tile, cabinetry, paint fixtures, tubs, sinks, or find inspiration other places online. 

Now it’s time to make a list of your questions for us. And there you have it! You’re finished! 

Ok, ok. We’ll admit that those questions had a lot of sub-questions, but trust us, in the end it’ll be helpful and worth it! When you’re done with the questionnaire, give us a call to schedule a consultation! We can go over your answers, questions, budget, and bathroom. BMR Homes is your bathroom remodeling contractor in Homewood, AL. Call us today, (205) 769-9967.  

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