How to Set Up a Temporary Kitchen

So you’re about to undergo a full kitchen remodeling project with BMR Homes in Homewood, AL. Excitement is in the air! You’re about to have the kitchen of your dreams! But it’s time we talk about something you may have not given much thought- where are you going to prep, cook, and clean while your kitchen is unavailable? You’ll need a temporary kitchen. Here’s how to get started:

 Pick a Location

You’ll want to pick an area of your home with plenty of room such as the basement, garage, laundry room, or guest room with an attached bathroom. You’ll want it near a source of water for cleaning, and preferably distanced from the construction zone. Any areas with a spare sink and countertop space are ideal. Keep in mind you’ll need access to multiple electrical outlets for your appliances.

Set Up the Appliances and Equipment You’ll Need 

A microwave, toaster oven, and/or hot plate may be your most useful appliances for the temporary setup. If you have a slow cooker or pressure cooker, this is a great time to use it to its full capabilities. Consider moving your refrigerator to the garage or get a mini fridge to put in your makeshift kitchen. Pick your must-have utensils, tools, and cookware and store them in plastic drawers to mimic the cabinets and drawers in your kitchen. Only set up what you absolutely need. Trying to move your whole kitchen into this temporary setup will be stressful and unnecessary. Remember, this is only temporary.

Designate a Workspace

Your dining room table or a folding table should work just fine for prepping meals and for small appliances that don’t get too hot- like a blender or microwave. Designate either a sink, a bathtub, or portable tub as the “kitchen sink”. Cover any surfaces you use that could potentially get stained or damaged.

Get Organized

Any “non-essential” items can be stored for now. Once your new kitchen is complete, you can use your nifty gadgets til your heart’s content. But for now, stick with the necessities. Label everything you can in order to stay organized in the midst of the chaos. Allot a couple of plates, utensils, and cups to each person in your family and wash them in your makeshift kitchen sink daily. 

Additional Tips

  • Make sure the outlets in the room you choose are able to handle the load.
  • If you use a bathtub as your makeshift sink, make sure to use a drain screen for any food particles!
  • Cook food outside on a grill or firepit when you’re able to. It’s more fun too!
  • If you plan to use disposable plates and/or utensils, choose biodegradable and/or compostable options!
  • Ask a friend (or friends) if you and your family can cook a meal in their kitchen for a night and in return, they get a home cooked meal too!
  • Set a budget on eating out or fast food so that your kitchen remodeling project doesn’t accidentally end up costing more than you planned for. 

There’s nothing to worry about when going through a major kitchen remodeling project with BMR Homes in Homewood, AL. Not only will we take care of your home, we will also make sure YOU are well cared for. Let’s get started! Contact us here then check out our Kitchens pages to see a few of our projects! 

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