Spring Cleaning Tips

It’s that time of year! You want to clean your house top to bottom, throw out a bunch of “junk”, and start fresh. It’s Spring Cleaning! Here are some tips to help you meet your goals and to make cleaning and decluttering more enjoyable.

Make Lists

Does this sound familiar, “Ok time to vacuum the girls’ room…oh wait there are clothes on the floor…I need to do laundry…oh the bath towels are still in the dryer, I should go put those up…wow I really need to scrub down the shower…”? You never got back around to vacuuming the girls’ room. That’s where a list comes in handy! Most people feel satisfied and somewhat accomplished when checking off their to-do list. It helps you see the progress and keep you on task! For deep cleaning weeks, make a list per room so that you stay focused and so you don’t accidentally forget a task or two.

Focus On One Room At A Time

The big picture can be overwhelming, especially if you have multiple rooms or areas that need to be decluttered and deep cleaned. Focus on one room at a time with one checklist at a time. You don’t have to clean the whole house in one day and that’s probably an impossible task. Focusing on one room at a time is like creating short term goals in order to meet the long-term goal of a clean and organized house.

Play Fun Music

Music can be very motivating, fun, or inspiring depending on what genre you go with. Maybe try something upbeat to keep you working fast or something instrumental so that you can have some time to think and reflect as you clean. Whatever music “floats your boat” and keeps spring cleaning enjoyable.

Set A Timer

If you find yourself getting distracted by the things you find when culling out, set a time for yourself. Only allow yourself a certain amount of time to reminisce, so that you can stay on task. If you’re the kind of person who gets so carried away with working and cleaning that you forget to stop and eat, set a timer so that you create breaks for yourself.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Dust and clean before vacuuming. Working from the top down will prevent you from having to vacuum multiple times if dust or anything else ends up on the floor in the process.

Let the cleaning solution do the work and work on another task while it’s soaking. When your tub is soaking, go ahead and start on the countertops and sink. Instead of scrubbing, and scrubbing everything and wearing yourself out, find safe cleaning products that help lift away grime and residue to make your job easier.

Make A List Of Remodeling Ideas

When you find yourself dreaming of what your kitchen, bathroom, or other room could be, write it down so you can share it with BMR Homes. BMR Homes is here to help you with whole home remodeling in Homewood, AL. We can redesign and remodel any room in your home to make it more functional. Kitchen and bath remodels can really change how you clean and organize, by adding better storage and cabinetry and removing hard-to-clean eyesores. So as you make your way room to room, write down what you like and don’t like about that room and then create a remodeling “wish list”. Make sure to include your spouse in the dreaming and planning, then call us to set up a consultation.

Donate Gently-used Items or Clothing

This one isn’t necessarily a tip, but a reminder. When going through closets and dressers, set aside clothing items that haven’t been worn much or at all. Find somewhere to donate them where it will do the most good. Now do the same with gently-used toys in the playroom or kids’ rooms. Spring cleaning is a good time to throw things away, but make sure your first thoughts are about reusing, recycling, or donating.

Reward Yourself

Hooray for spring cleaning! Being productive, organized, and clean feels great, doesn’t it? Well, for some, this is a particularly important step if you’re dreading this whole cleaning and organizing thing. Determine your reward before you get started, as a goal or “finish line” to work toward. It can be a bowl of your favorite ice cream, a bath in your cleaned tub, or buying something new for your home! When you’re ready to remodel your kitchen, bathroom(s), or whole home remodeling in Homewood, AL, request a free consultation and we’ll get started!

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