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How to Make Your Kitchen Perfect for Entertaining

The holiday season is upon us! This time of year is full of family time, holiday parties, food, and entertaining people in our homes (we know that will look different this year, but hopefully you and your loved ones can still get together safely). As you’re aware of, in this day and age a well-designed kitchen focuses on entertaining. If your current setup isn’t the hospitality hub you want it to be, a new kitchen remodel with BMR Homes in Homewood, AL can transform it. We can remodel your kitchen to have proper storage, work areas, and signature details to get your party started. The ultimate kitchen welcomes great conversation, memorable meals, and a lifetime of memories. What does the ideal layout and design look like for you? Let’s discuss kitchen designs and additions that are ideal for hosting friends and family no matter the number of guests!


Kitchen Island

A kitchen island is one of the most sought after setups and is especially perfect for having guests over. It’s quite functional and offers a lot of countertop space as well as storage. A kitchen island can have cooktops, Suspended hood vents, an additional oven or microwave, prep sinks, and even slide-out cutting boards! You can prepare a meal while being opened up to your guests so you won’t have to miss out on any of the fun. Islands are a great place for appetizers and hors devours, while guests mingle or sit on bar stools situated on one of the open sides of the island. Even though we would be adding to your kitchen, it really seems to open up the whole area and bring it together. 

If your space is limited and you don’t have room for an island, your design consultant at BMR Homes has plenty of other options to explore with you that can expand your storage and countertop spaces. 


Work station

More than one cook in the kitchen? No problem! Smart kitchen design allows for additional chefs by adding prep stations. Imagine a kitchen where you can prep your signature paella without a crowd in your workspace. 


Beverage Station 

Whether you go with a coffee station or libation station (for the good stuff), it’s guaranteed to be a big hit and the talk of the party! A dedicated coffee bar with a coffee maker or espresso machine, and mugs, teacups and other glassware hanging nearby is the perfect way to help your guests get a good start in the morning or wind down after dinner. The same goes for a wine station stocked with ice, adult beverages, and mixers. We can even install a wine fridge into your cabinet area. If you entertain a lot, we highly recommend beverage stations and are happy to help incorporate them into your kitchen remodel. 



The start of every great party is a relaxed host in a stress-free environment free of clutter. Storage isn’t the most flashy and fun part of a kitchen remodel, but it certainly is functional. Plus, you’ll likely have a friend or two who obsesses over your new spice draw or can’t stop admiring your extra storage space. The smart storage solutions that we incorporate into your project allow you to easily reach everything you need for cooking, serving, and entertaining and then just as easily put things away so you can enjoy the party too. Baking sheets and cutting boards can have their own special drawer that neatly stores them, and horizontal spice drawers are simply the best way to store your seasonings. Don’t forget warming drawers for keeping foods warm during the party, that then double as a way to stow dishes later.



We just wanted to use the word “pizzazz”. Adding fun details like under cabinet lighting, sound systems, or even special lighting can really step up the entertainment quality. We can make your space somewhere that’s cozy and special for Thanksgiving, yet upbeat and fun for hosting a Super Bowl party. It’s all about what works for you and your lifestyle!

At BMR Homes in Homewood, AL, our kitchen remodeling team is ready to help you create your ultimate entertaining dream kitchen. Let’s make your kitchen the place to spend time with friends and family all year round!  Contact us today!

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