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6 Tips for Creating Your Home Office

  Do you have a home office? The kitchen table doesn’t count…we’re talking about a designated office space for productivity and focus. Many of us have been working from home this year after COVID-19 began spreading across the world and some of us have transitioned to working from home permanently. At BMR Homes in Homewood, AL, our restoration and remodeling team would love to help you renovate or remodel a room in your home to transform it into a functional, comfortable home office. Here are some tips and advice on setting up your home office. 

1. Make It Your Own

This is your chance! Bring those home office dreams to life! Especially if you were previously in a cubicle or had set furniture that you couldn’t move. This is now your space- you pick the color, flooring, furniture, style, and more (with input and approval from your partner of course)! If you need inspiration or ideas, check out this article with a gallery full of unique decorating and office setups. 

2. Keep It Comfortable

A practical work space is great, but don’t forget comfort! It may make you even more productive. Not only is a comfy computer chair important, but also consider placing a sofa or armchair in one of the corners. It could be a great place to sit while you drink your morning coffee and check email. 

3. Choose Furniture That Fits Your Style

Custom bookshelves and a unique desk make a world of difference in the look and feel of your space. If you tend to favor everyone’s favorite modular, Swedish furniture (which is totally fine), branch out and find something unique at a local furniture store. 

4. Make Good Use of Your Space

Never waste space in your office. Place a small bookshelf or chair in an empty corner to make the most of your space instead of leaving it empty. Choose a corner desk if you need to save space in your office. That way, you can fit more into the room. 

5. Set Up a Pin Board or Whiteboard

Having something as tactile as a pin board or whiteboard is a wonderful addition to a home office, just like it is at a regular office. This is the perfect tool to keep track of important deadlines, invites, and memos. It can help keep you organized and focused, especially since working from home can get distracting. 

6. Consider Using a Shed or Other Outbuilding

If you have something like a shed or garage available, it may be the best choice for your new office since you could truly have your own space to think and be most productive (especially if your kids are doing online learning again). 


Take full advantage of working from home by designing a space that’s right for you. Hopefully these 6 tips will help you get started. Our restoration and remodeling team at BMR Homes in Homewood, AL can help design and remodel your space in order to create your perfect home office. One that fits your style while remaining functional and focused. Contact us today to get started on your home office project! 


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