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6 Benefits of Adding a Room to Your House

Do you need more room for guests? Do you have a growing family?  Homeowners decide on a home addition for several different reasons, and no matter the reason it’s one of the most flexible ways to transform a home. If you love the home you live in, but have been dreaming of a little more space, this can be a great way to make it happen. There are lots of reasons you may be considering an addition, but is it the right option for you? Take a look at some of the ways an addition will improve your home.

  1. It can be whatever you want it to be. If you love your house, but dream of your very own space or have an idea for the perfect family room, you can have it! The only limitations on your dream addition are physics, building codes, and your budget. So if you’ve dreamed up the perfect room addition and it’s physically possible, we can construct it!  Maybe you simply need to expand a room. Maybe you want to add a new wing to the house. By working with the restoration and remodeling team at BMR Homes in Homewood, AL, you can plan this project to be exactly what you want it to be.
  2. SPACE! The beauty of a home addition is that you now have more space in your home! Whether that’s a space for entertaining friends and family or it’s your own room for crafting, having more space is dreamy. We doubt there are many homeowners who haven’t wished for more space. And you get to put your new space where you need it!  Whether you’re making a room bigger or adding whole sections to your home, you’re creating space for storage (or people!) that wasn’t there before.
  3. Can be better than moving or can help avoid one. If you love the home you’re currently in- the location, the community, and memories, you may not want to move for more space. The beauty of a home addition is that you get to stay where you are AND get the added space you need. Plus moving is a huge process. Most of us don’t really want to pack up our entire house and go somewhere new if we don’t have to. Does moving seem like the cheaper option? We’ll just ask- have you hired a moving company recently? It can get very expensive, and in many cases is it much more cost effective to build the addition. Think of it as adding extra pizazz to the home you already love. 
  4. Room for guests. When family comes to town for holidays or friends want to come visit, and one (or more) of your children get displaced from their rooms and the guests have to stay on a full bed…a guest room addition might be just the thing. If gatherings at your home end up with everyone feeling crowded and uncomfortable, and addition could be the solution. Home additions can include a wet bar and bigger area for entertaining, so you can have more people over more often. Similarly, a guest room allows family and friends from out of town to stay comfortably with you.
  5. Renting for supplemental income. You may not need more room for family and guests, but making a space for renting can be financially beneficial. It’s an excellent way to make some extra money! Investing in an addition to your house now can mean some added income down the road. Plus, it’ll be an attractive option for renters, with the potential for multiple inquiries. 
  6. Increased home value. A well thought-out addition from BMR Homes can increase the value of your home. We want to make it clear that not every addition adds value, but if you are adding highly sought-after features to your home, buyers may pay more (and you can list it higher) whenever you sell your home.

Are you ready to build an addition for your home? No matter the reason,  we can make it happen. Our BMR Homes restoration and remodeling team in Homewood, AL, is ready to dream and create with you! Contact us today! 


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