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Don’t Make These Common Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes!

A bathroom remodel is not something to take lightly. The overall expenditure depends on if you want to change the aesthetics or a complete remodel. Bathroom remodels can either work to improve the overall appearance or functionality of this essential room in your home. If it is your first time doing a bathroom remodel, it may be easy to overcompensate and disregard the practicality of the elements of your remodel project. 

There are a number of seemingly unimpactful details that may result in functional sacrifices. To avoid these, it’s crucial to take time to map out a clear and effective plan. 

Common Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes Every Homeowner Should Avoid

An aesthetically beautiful bathroom is only half of the equation. There are many aspects that go into a room that are unseen. Elements such as ventilation and drainage need to be taken into consideration and incorporated into the planning stage to ensure that your bathroom does not only look great but will do its job and offer a clean, comfortable experience to any of its users.

1 – Lighting Mistakes

Lighting mistakes are incredibly common in any room, but especially in the bathroom. Since these rooms are typically smaller and serve specific uses, they need to be lit appropriately. Insufficient lighting will make it difficult for you to see yourself in the mirror, affecting your experience getting ready in the morning. At the same time, excessive or strong lighting can make the space overwhelming to the senses, making it impossible for you to unwind in your bathroom.

2 – Not Enough Ventilation

A bathroom is easily the most humid space in a home. If there is no place for the steam to escape, you will soon see your wallpaper cracking and fixtures showing signs of wear and tear. You may also see a buildup of mold on your walls.

3 – Trying to Put Too Much into a Small Space

It is a good practice to take note of how much space you have in your bathroom and only place things that will maximize the use of the space. Overcrowding your bathroom will not only make it difficult to find what you need when you go into this room but will make it extremely difficult to navigate when you’re at your most vulnerable.

4 – Drainage Issues

Lastly, one common mistake many people make is not taking their draining into consideration when they do their bathroom remodel. Many times, in your quest to improve the overall aesthetic appeal of your bathroom, you may not be aware that you had inadvertently covered up an essential drain pipe. Making sure that your upgrades do not end up causing drainage issues is a must when you remodel.


Lighting, placement, and drainage are a few key components of a good bathroom. Unfortunately, they’re also easy to get wrong. You can minimize the chances of a mistake by working with a professional bathroom remodeling contractor. Their expertise and years of experience have given them the ability to put together bathrooms that are not only beautiful but functional. 

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