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Don’t Make These Common Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes! (Part 2)

In the recent blog post that we’ve published about common bathroom remodeling mistakes, we discussed how issues with lighting, ventilation, placement, and drainage can make for a poor result that you’re unlikely to be happy with. But—surprise!—there are more.

More Common Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes Every Homeowner Should Avoid

Before you start your remodeling project, make sure to avoid the following:

5 – Unsuitable Materials

Some homeowners get wrapped up in the prices of their materials, looking for ways to compromise and pay less. There’s nothing wrong with this in theory, until you end up sacrificing quality for price. Material deterioration or even poor installment can significantly decrease the expected lifespan of your bathroom components, resulting in more expenditures in the long run.

Aside from price and quality, consider functionality. Marble may be beautiful, but it’s also a porous material. If you have kids and don’t believe you’ll be able to keep up with the maintenance, think again before choosing it for your bathroom!

Before you make your decision, learn first the qualities of each material. For instance, ceramic and porcelain are watertight and durable, so they are great for countertops, wall tiles, and other bathroom fixtures. They are also easy to clean and give off a shiny finish.

6 – Insufficient Storage Space

Your bathroom should always be stocked with the amenities it needs. Therefore, prioritize storage space for cleaning products, towels, toiletries, and tissue rolls. Not preparing a space for storage is an avoidable mistake. If you don’t have room to install a cabinet on the wall, consider a storage space under the sink or shelving on top of the toilet.

Make sure to consider tidiness and being organized when remodeling your bathroom. There are plenty of smart storage solutions available today that can help you organize your bathroom necessities and keep them neatly stocked at all times.

7 – Spending or Saving Money On the Wrong Items

A Pinterest post or a Youtube tutorial isn’t enough to turn you into a DIY bathroom renovation master. You may be able to follow along with the main stages, but you’ll likely get lost in the details! And like any other home renovation process, mistakes can be costly.

The items you choose for your bathroom—whether they are appliances, fixtures, or decor—should be carefully selected because not everything is designed for moist and warm environments. Spending too much on something insignificant or too little on a key item could also be your downfall. Always do research and consult a professional—you’ll save more in the long run!

8 – Failing to Consult a Bathroom Remodeling Expert

Given that the bathroom involves many plumbing and electrical components, it is one of the most difficult parts of the home to DIY. The expertise that goes into it can’t be developed overnight!

Do not attempt to do a complete bathroom overhaul that you aren’t confident in just because you want to save on labor expenses. Doing so could leave you with a hefty bill for repairs stemming from your mistakes! If you aren’t well-versed in renovation yourself, it’s always cheaper to leave the job to the pros. 


Bathroom remodeling is an art and a science. Before you get started, do your research! Proper preparation is truly the key to success, as is working with people who can help you realize your dream. Hopefully, our two-part article has given you important information and tips when it comes to bathroom remodeling and encouraged you to take the plunge—but not without help! 

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