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Bathroom Remodeling 101: The Dos and Don’ts

You should have proper bath mats in front of your shower and sink(s). You shouldn’t leave your curling iron plugged in and turned on while you’re away…there are a lot of things you should and shouldn’t do in a bathroom, but what about when your remodeling said bathroom? Yep. There are several dos and don’ts for that as well. As your bathroom remodeling contractors in Homewood, AL, BMR Homes wants you to be aware of this list before (and even during) your bathroom remodel. So let’s take a look at a few things you should do for your project and what things you should avoid, so we can get a better idea of the whole process.


Choose the right bathroom surface materials

The surfaces you choose for your bathroom remodel should not only fit your overall aesthetic and style, they should also be well suited for a bathroom. Basically, they need to be able to handle plenty of moisture, which is one of the reasons why porcelain tile is a favorite material when it comes to not only flooring, but walls and sinks too. It resists staining, bacteria, and odors. Our design team will help you in the surface material decisions so that the options will be both beautiful and functional. Opt for larger tiles to minimize grout lines and make upkeep easier.

Be Realistic about your space and budget

Some homeowners want a large walk-in shower, new soaking tub, more storage space, all while keeping the same size bathroom. Some things just aren’t feasible or may cost you hundreds (or thousands) extra. Of course we want you to be able to have it all, but we also know what’s realistic for your space. Managing expectations is part of what we do, so we will walk through your desires and budget to make sure we are all on the same page and can make it all happen.

Remember to leave storage space

Some homeowners are tempted to cut out storage space in order to to go for a larger walk-in shower or a longer vanity, but it’s a decision that you could regret later. Our BMR team wants to make sure that your new bathroom is laid out in a way that saves your precious storage space while allowing room for your upgrades. Obviously, there are limitations based on your space and ability to expand, but we don’t want to sacrifice storage space if you don’t have much to begin with. When planning your bathroom remodel, consider where you’ll keep bathroom essentials, linens and first-aid items.


Move plumbing fixtures unless you have to

Moving plumbing during a bathroom remodel could cost you big time. Unless your bathroom happens to be particularly cramped or complicated, it’s not recommended to make changes to your home’s plumbing system. Rearranging the layout of your toilet, sink, shower, etc. can easily increase plumbing costs and potentially wreck your ideal budget. If it’s something that you and your BMR designer both see as necessary, that’s a different story. But most of the time, it’s not recommended.

Forget about ventilation and lighting

Don’t overlook these basic, but important features in your bathroom. The space needs to be properly ventilated, since moisture breeds mold and mildew and can take its toll on surfaces and even your health. In addition, you’ll want to ensure that your bathroom has plenty of light for showering and for getting ready in the morning (especially for makeup application). Consider installing a ceiling fixture for general light, and adding sconces near the vanity and task lighting in a shower, depending on your specific layout of course.

Be too driven by trends

Don’t get us wrong, trendy is great! We like working alongside you to figure out what style looks best for your space and which trends you’re influenced by. But when planning your bathroom remodel, think about the long term too. Trends come and go…some very quickly. While you may be tempted to add trendy features with your tile, fixtures, or even vanity, don’t go overboard. Trendy paint colors and decor are good ways to add that look you want while being able to easily change it up a few years down the road if you want to go with another trend. Opt for practical fixtures that won’t lose their appeal in the next few years. Also, take the rest of your home into consideration- it may look out of place to have a newly remodeled bathroom with a completely different look and trend than any other room.

When you work with BMR Homes, your bathroom remodeling contractors in Homewood, AL, we will walk you through everything and help you make the right decisions for your new bathroom. We look forward to your bathroom remodel and turning your space into what you’ve always wanted it to be. Contact us today to get the ball rolling!

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