Indicators That Says You’re in Need of a Bathroom Renovation

Out of all the main sections of our home, the bathroom is definitely one that we all can’t live without. It is a place of relief, of privacy, and of silence. It is one of the most intimate parts of our home—second only to the bedroom—and because of that, it would only be appropriate for us to care for and maintain it!

With that being said, perhaps you may have been noticing certain defects in your bathroom recently—things that weren’t there before, damages that are only becoming evident to you right now. If that’s the case, then it might be time for you to call for a renovation!

If you’re uncertain of what to look out for, then perhaps the following examples would be able to help you.

Dilapidated Tiles

Understandably, old bathrooms would manifest their own “wear and tear” over time. As with any part of your home that has lasted for many decades, this is normal. However, just because it’s already showing signs of being a relic doesn’t mean that it can’t be fixed. You can have your tiles replaced with a much better one. You can even choose the colors this time, something modern and lively!

Dim Lighting

Old bathrooms often have these yellow light bulbs that lose their illumination as the years go by. You may have to install a new set of lighting in your bathroom that utilizes white LED bulbs in such a case! You may even have your builders install a set of intricate lamps from where these white lights would be screwed into. 

Remember, one of your main goals in remodeling would be to make it look fresh and modern—so take this part seriously!

Leaking Pipes

Take note that this isn’t just limited to the pipes installed within your walls. For example, if you have leaky showerheads and bidets, it may be time for you to replace them. No one likes a leaky pipe; it just tends to result in a higher water bill and long-term damages! 

Visible Molds

One of the most disgusting things that you may find in your bathroom would be molds. Luckily, it’s just easy to clean them off. Just mix hydrogen peroxide and water in a spray bottle, then sprinkle the solution on the moldy areas. You can also do this with baking soda and water using a spray bottle as well. 

Regardless of what you’ll pick, just make sure to let the solution settle for a few minutes, and then you may scrub away the mold. Rinse it with water if you must.

Very Minimal Space

Some old bathroom architectures are all about small spaces. While this may have been the trend a few decades ago, nowadays, it would not be wise to have a cramped bathroom space, since it would be harder to clean and maintain. It is also not very comfortable to move around in.


There are a lot of indicators to look out for when it comes to deciding your bathroom’s renovation and remodeling. While many of them are subtle, some are very visible enough to show the damage, so take care of your bathroom and invest in a good remodel plan. Not only would it maintain your “safe haven,” but it would also add a touch of class and modernity to your private space.

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