A Guide to Bathroom Remodels: What to Expect

Being a homeowner comes with numerous advantages. You have your own private space, free to do as you please in it, including inviting people over and leaving dishes on the sink. You can also enjoy making delicious food in your kitchen or maybe have a long bath to freshen up. However, the time will always come when your space no longer suits your needs, prompting you to remodel it.

Remodeling often happens with bathrooms. Reasons can vary, such as having small space or maybe even plumbing problems. With this in mind, it’s essential to know what to expect during bathroom remodels.

What exactly should you keep an eye out for? In this article, we’ll shed some light on the matter at hand. Read on below to learn more.

The Importance of Having a Good Bathroom

Some people are afraid to admit it, but many of them spend too much time in the bathroom. No judgment there because a bathroom is where we can go about our private business, after all.

A nice bathroom can make things easier for whoever’s living in the house. When you think about it, bathrooms are just as intimate as a bedroom because it’s where we can keep to ourselves. So, it’s essential to have a bathroom that’s made following what you want.

Choosing a Contractor

The bad news about bathroom remodels is that they can be stressful because of the construction work. However, this won’t be a problem if the remodeling contractors you chose to work on your bathroom are good at their job. This is the first step and probably the most time-consuming. It can be hard to find the perfect contractor who can work on your bathroom, but the hassle can be lessened.

You must interview contractors that have a good amount of work experience behind them. You can ask them about the bathrooms they worked on before or check out their web portal if they have any since it’s easier.

It’s also here that you can find out about the estimated costs of the project. Note that it’s only an estimate, so prices could still go up or down depending on your circumstances and preferences.

The Next Steps to Take 

Like any project, proper planning must be done beforehand. In the case of your bathroom, you must know what you want in your new bathroom. Do you want a bathtub, for instance, or a better shower space? What kind of toilet do you want, and would you like it to come with a bidet?

These are some guide questions that you can take up with your contractor. Your contractor must be competent and is supposed to follow you. However, they may advise you on some things, such as cost-effectivity in some parts of the project. If this happens, you can listen to them at your discretion.

When you relay to your contractor what you want in your new bathroom, they will give you a better idea of what you want. That said, it’s essential to remain aware of your next crucial steps:

#1: The Demolition Starts

Since your bathroom will be remodeled, demolition must be done to make way for the improvements. Your old stuff in the toilet will be removed, such as tiles and drywall. For proper disposal, there must be a dumpster outside your home.

The duration of demolition is pretty quick. For the smallest of bathrooms, it can happen in a day or less. It’s a pretty emotional experience because it’s possible that you made memories there, such as teaching your kids how to brush their teeth. Look on the bright side: you’re now ready to make new memories in a new bathroom.

#2: The Actual Construction

While construction can seem a difficult phase for those getting their bathrooms remodeled, it’s the easiest. After all, all plans have been laid out already, and it’s just a matter of putting those plans in motion.

Take note not to change design decisions halfway through the project. It makes things harder for everyone involved, and you’re also more likely to spend more money than you actually can. Aside from that, you’ll also be put behind schedule.

Other Things to Remember

Construction causes a lot of mess, most of which is dust from cutting. To lessen the occurrence of dust, it’s best to hire a remodeling company that has a plan for dust mitigation. 

The absence of a bathroom can be pretty stressful for a family as well. As such, it’s best to allow window time to let people use the bathroom. This way, they can use the bathroom freely without construction interference. The good news is that most bathroom remodeling projects are done quickly, and you may not even notice that a lot of time has passed at all.


A bathroom remodel can make your life easier. It can also be gratifying, especially since it also increases your home’s value. As long as you’re working with the right contractor, your bathroom remodeling project is sure to be successful. For the best possible outcome, make sure to keep this guide in mind!

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