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The Essential Guide to Planning Your Kitchen’s Renovation

A kitchen remodel is one of the most extensive renovation projects you can perform, but is among the most beneficial. A renovated kitchen, for one, can increase the value of your home. It is also where the family spends most of their time together. Therefore, updating its looks and functionality can be beneficial for all. 

If you plan to have your kitchen renovated soon, you might feel overwhelmed about how to begin. Fortunately, you can use this article as your guide on how to proceed and achieve your dream kitchen. Here are the steps you need to take:

Step 1: Study Your Kitchen

You would only know what you need once you have a good look at your kitchen’s existing problems. To do this, you need to scrutinize the area. While you may have an idea of what you want your new kitchen to look like, many considerations come with a kitchen renovation. You need to consider its current structure. With thorough planning, you can have a smooth renovation process. 

What are your wishes for your kitchen renovation? Do you want to rearrange some appliances? Are there inconveniently located fixtures you want to improve? How else can you improve your kitchen work process? By listing down your answers to these questions, you can learn about the work that needs to be done and other things you need to prepare. 

Step 2: Choose Your Material

Now that you have a checklist of the new items you want to include in your kitchen, you have to decide what kind of materials to use. A massive chunk of the decision-making process depends on what theme to implement\. You might also want to consider the house’s overall theme for a smoother transition. When choosing materials, look up their advantages and disadvantages. That could help you decide which one would be best for your kitchen.

Step 3: Decide on the Spacing

This step is crucial if you plan to add counter space in your kitchen. Additional space can help you get more work done and make your kitchen look more organized. However, if you are not much of a cook or live independently, too much space can be a waste. Know how much space you need by identifying how often you use your kitchen, how much food you prepare regularly, and how many appliances you need to store. 

Step 4: Determine the Kind of Lighting You Want

You might think this is only a minor detail, but choosing the right light can instantly change the look of your kitchen. An adequately lighted kitchen can help you see what you do clearly. Therefore, you can avoid getting cut and other kitchen accidents. 

More than maximizing the visibility of the work area, the right lights can give functional and aesthetic effects to your kitchen. For example, adding lights directing to your cabinets can help you view their insides easily. 

Step 5: Do Not Forget the Storage

The kitchen is the most used part of the house and houses many things. Make sure that your new kitchen has space for each item so that you can move around with ease. A renovation is also your opportunity to design the kitchen according to your needs. So, if you are a short person, position the cabinets and the island lower than usual to make everyday tasks easier for you.


If you want your kitchen renovation to be a success, you need to sit down and list everything you want to do. It will give you a systematic way to manage all the stress and ensure that you take many things into account. The journey will not be easy, but seeing your dream kitchen come to life will make everything worth it. 

Planning will require intensive research and significant decision-making. Make sure that you work with someone knowledgeable or expert on the topic. If you are looking for experienced kitchen remodeling companies in Homewood, AL, you are on the right page. At BMR Homes, we can take care of anything and everything you may need from start to finish. Call us at (205) 769 9967.

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