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A Short Guide to Renovating Your Attic Into a Game Room

The attic is an area in your home that is often left with no use but poorly kept storage. You can actually turn this space into a beautiful and functional space with just a little transformation. 

If you want to add another living area to your home while also creating a place for your game nights, your attic is the perfect space for that! 

Here is our definitive guide to transforming your dusty attic space into a functional game room:

1. Create a Strong Base

Before you begin decorating your attic space with anything, first, let’s talk about its strength. Your attic floor should have a foundational base that can hold heavy additions, such as ping-pong or a pool table. Moreover, your new game room will probably house tons of frantic activities, and so you need to factor that in as well. 

Your attic flooring has to be stronger than usual. Consider how heavy the additions you are putting in it. It’s best to get a professional opinion on your attic’s structural strength before doing a renovation.

2. Stick to a Color Scheme

When renovating your attic or any area, stick to a color scheme that becomes the basis for the rest of your designs. Some attic rooms are often painted with pure white color to add elegance and reduce visual clutter. It’s best to use just two accent colors and stick to a monochromatic palette.

If your walls have more than two colors, you’ll create visual clutter when adding accessories. An attic game room filled with too many bright colors can result in a congested and cluttered area. If you want to make the space look more extensive, you can add mirrors. 

3. Add Lighting Fixtures

Most attics have a big window that lets in plenty of natural light. To recreate beautiful lighting in your attic, install artificial lighting fixtures that create or enhance the natural illumination of the space. 

Sconces can provide ambient lighting while also saving up on space. Game rooms typically require focused lighting in the middle, making pendants an excellent choice. Furthermore, opening up your stairway landing can also help with ventilation.

4. Decorate With Window Seats and Cushions

Putting seats by the window is the perfect comfort space for cozy days. When the game room isn’t used, this space can serve as a tranquil area where you can read books or simply rest. You can also put floor pillows and bean bags to add a little plush to your seating choices. 

How you decorate and which cushions you put into your game room will also depend on the size of the space. Any decor must adhere to the size of everything else, especially the focal point of the room, which can be a pool table or something else. 


Renovating your attic into a game room or any functional space can make your home more livable. An attic is a versatile space that you can turn into a special nook in your home where you can enjoy the tranquility.

At BMR Homes, we turn spaces into beautiful, functional areas of your home. Our designers will help with your attic restoration and remodeling. We guarantee stress-free and affordable home transformations while using cost-effective and eco-friendly materials to reduce carbon footprint. Let us help transform your space today!

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