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Home Trends: Out with the Old, In with the New

2021 is here…finally! Since we’ve said goodbye (and good riddance) to 2020 and are stepping into the new things in store this year, let’s take a look at what home trends are growing, and which are fading out. If there are any changes you’re wanting for your home this year– whether for the kitchen, bathroom, or whole thing– BMR Homes Remodeling and Restoration in Homewood, AL can help bring that vision to life! Let’s review some of these new trends and then see which ones are on their way out:


The Home Office Focal Point

Ah working from home…2020 was practically full of it for many of us, which meant setting up a home office. It looks like a trend for 2021 is having a home office as the focal point, wherever that may be on your main floor. Unique furniture, eye-catching colors, and a statement piece can really make your office stand out. If you are working from home indefinitely, this is a great way to make things your own and embrace the change. 


Global Inspiration

Travel came to a screeching halt last year, and international travel is still restricted so far this year, so this year’s trend is decor and designs influenced by countries and cultures across the globe. Ranging anywhere from adding pottery, paintings, and symbols from other countries to completely transforming a room (or rooms) into something from your favorite country. You can essentially travel without having to leave your home. If you’ve been a world traveler in years past, let your souvenirs take a prominent place to remind you of where you’ve been and what you’ve experienced. 



The beautiful green of houseplants adds a welcoming, relaxing touch to any space, with the addition of purifying the air (if you have enough of the right kinds of them). The internet is full of plant inspiration and we have several local plant nurseries around the Birmingham area, so starting your houseplant collection can be simple! They really bring a natural, earthy, clean vibe to any space. You can even add a space greenhouse room addition to your home if you realize you have a green thumb and need more space for your growing assortment of plants. 


What’s Fading Out 

  • Open Floor Plans- open floor plans seemed like the best setup until 

2020’s lockdown flipped the script. While togetherness and an open space is great, we had a lot of it this past year and with so many Zoom calls going at the same time, rooms with walls and doors seem more appealing now. There are creative ways to separate different spaces, like sliding barn doors, or beautiful partitions. If you don’t currently have an open floor plan, but that’s the layout you like and want, contact us so we can talk about a home remodeling project! 

  • Mid-century modern- Designers are saying this style has been 

overdone. As with any of these trends, just because you have that particular style does NOT mean you’re doing it wrong and you should change to follow the trend. If you like mid-century modern and want to keep the look….keep it! 

  • Modern farmhouse- We’re not so sure about this one, but it’s what 

the “experts” are saying.  Instead, maybe go for something eclectic and unique to you, while maybe avoiding shiplap when considering a renovation with BMR Homes. You can have a rustic, farmhouse look without going overboard. And if you want shiplap everything with metal wash tubs everywhere, then go for it! It’s your home!

At the end of the day, BMR Homes Remodeling and Restoration in Homewood, AL can make your space look the way YOU want them to look. Trends come and go…you can change up your home to fit those trends, or you can break free and do your own thing! Let’s sit down to talk about your wants and needs- contact us today!

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