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5 Bathroom Trends You Can’t Miss

What’s trending right now in the world of bathrooms? Seems like an odd question, right? Master bathrooms have become so much more than a place to use the toilet, take a shower, and put on makeup. They can be your own personal oasis where you can get ready in peace or unwind from the day. There are several current trends that can turn your master bathroom a roomy, modern work of art. We’ve chosen a few that we think you simply can’t miss out on for your bathroom remodel in Homewood, AL. 

  • Textured or shaped tiles

While a tiled shower will always be classic, it’s received a modern update! Ruggedly cut tiles can create a natural or rustic feel, while fish scale shaped tiles can create a whimsical statement on your walls or in the shower. Similarly, some newer bathroom designs choose to tile halfway up the wall around the whole bathroom like you would a chair rail. This look can be clean and sleek as a fairly simple upgrade to your bathroom. Colorful, glossy tiles on the walls, floors, and in the shower are also a classy, but quirky trend right now!

  • Hidden or linear drains

Goodbye, nasty drain in the middle of your shower that you don’t want to step on. Hello, hidden drain that makes your shower more elegant and enjoyable. Hidden drains usually run along the wall so the shower will be ever so slightly tilted to allow the water to run down. Linear drains are similar but just a little more visible. They also run along the edge of the shower so they’re out of your way and give a uniform look to the space. This option is perfect for a minimalist look with a floor-to-ceiling, threshold-free walk-in shower. It continues the look of modern, clean lines. 

  • Freestanding tub

Whether it’s a clawfoot tub or smooth, circular-shaped soaking tub, a freestanding bathtub can become the centerpiece of your bathroom. Uniquely shaped tubs are increasingly popular- like a bowl-shaped, completely smooth tub, or one with ridges and “exposed” plumbing. There’s a tub shape and design for every style out there. What are your bathtub dreams

  • Floating Cabinets

Modern trends tend to focus on removing the cluttered, busy looks of common areas. Floating cabinets help accomplish that purpose in the bathroom. You can still keep your precious cabinet storage space, but without the whole thing touching the ground. Several commercial bathrooms have moved to this look (if they have cabinets and countertops) and we have to admit, it feels like it gives you the ability to stand closer to the sink because your feet can go under the cabinets. That may be a small detail, but it’s really nice. 

  • Marble or other natural stone walls

If a minimalist look isn’t really your thing and you’d rather have a luxurious bathroom, this trend could be for you. Natural stone like travertine or granite have become a popular and intriguing wall option for bathrooms. We think travertine is a magical stone due to the fact that it stays cool and absorbs moisture well. Granite is stunning and comes in several color options from clean and white to dark and mysterious. Marble is another increasingly popular option for master bathrooms, whether you want it on the walls or a marble vanity. Pair marble with some bronze fixtures and accents, and you’ll be in luxurious paradise.

For questions you should consider before starting a bathroom remodeling project, read our previous blog post. For more ideas and a photo gallery of trends, check out this HGTV article! At BMR Homes, we work with your style, taste, and budget for your bathroom remodel in and around the Homewood, AL area. We can’t wait to design and create your new stylish and relaxing master bathroom. Let’s start planning! Contact us today!

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