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4 Surprising Ways to Increase Natural Light in Your Home

It’s interesting to note that potential homeowners are now willing to pay more for a home with “plenty of natural light” as a critical feature. They are interested in learning how to increase natural light, and for good reason. A home with plenty of natural light is enticing and lifts the ambiance.

Additionally, by increasing the amount of natural light in a space, the colors and décor will look more vibrant. It has also been proven that light, bright houses appeal to buyers more than dark ones.

If you desire to increase your natural light at your home, too, then continue reading these four surprising ways to improve your natural light:

 1. Select the Right Color Palette

As you may remember from art class, color can reflect or absorb light. A white, light gray, or light tan room will look bright and airy in contrast to a dark blue room with many windows. Light is reflected throughout the room by the lighter colors, which serve as mirrors.

Don’t forget about the ceiling. The space will appear more prominent, taller, and brightly lit if the ceiling is a few shades lighter than the walls.

To increase the surface color’s ability to reflect light, use glossier, satin, or semi-gloss paint.

2. Install Large Windows

It’s time to maximize natural light if you’re in the market for new windows or doors. Modern window manufacturing techniques have led to less framing and more exposed glass. Choose picture, bow, or bay windows for the most striking aesthetic effect. These can be combined with fixed and mobile units to provide enough lighting and ventilation.

Moreover, transom or radius windows can be stacked above current windows to add more light and privacy.

Any room can be converted into a “sunroom” by installing a patio or garden door in place of a solid exterior door by blending indoor and outdoor living areas. Add decorative sidelights to either side of your front door to light up your foyer.

3. Choose the Right Flooring

Many people consider flooring options when looking to increase natural light in their homes. Several different flooring materials can provide light and airflow.

You can make floors into light-friendly reflectors by choosing polished hardwood, laminate, ceramic, or stone floors, which reflect significantly more light than carpets. If you prefer carpet, go with light, neutral colors.

4. Add Mirrors and Reflective Accessories

Metal, glass, and mirror accents can enhance natural light and add fashionable touches throughout the house. Even the humblest dwelling will seem brighter and more prominent thanks to light reflection.

Mirrors placed in the right places will naturally reflect light and give the impression of more space. If you’re working with a small space, place mirrors “directly opposite windows to reflect more natural light into your room.”


Our homes are our sanctuaries and the places where we are most comfortable. However, it’s not uncommon to feel like your space is small, cramped, and lacking in light. You can use these tips to achieve your dreams of a bright, airy space.

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