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How to Choose a Color for Your Kitchen Remodel

When planning your kitchen remodel, it’s all about creating a color scheme that matches your style. Your kitchen and bathroom will look amazing when you use various materials and colors. With the right planning and forethought, you can choose just the right colors for your space, which will help you create a bold new look.

1. Match the Color with the Permanent Items in Your Kitchen

Choose your color scheme based on your kitchen cabinet material. Cabinets are the permanent fixtures of your kitchen, so they should have a significant say in your color scheme. For example, stainless steel and wood cabinets can handle warm wood tones such as cherry, but black will look out of place. You can also match your color choice to the countertop. Granite countertops are often a neutral grey and can be paired with any color, while limestone countertops are typically dark brown-grey.

2. Use Contrast to Create a Bold Look

To create a bold look in your kitchen, choose a color that contrasts with the permanent kitchen fixtures. For example, if you have stainless steel cabinets, use a warm brown to create visual interest. You can also choose a color for your wall paint or use color accents on the countertops or cabinets. For example, a dark granite countertop with a light grey wall color can create a striking look.

3. Choose a Neutral Palette for a High-End Look

Choose a neutral color for your bathroom and kitchen to remodel. Warm browns, grey, and creams are often the most popular for kitchens, bathrooms, and accent colors in other rooms. A neutral color scheme goes well with everything, including all home furnishings and other decors. This scheme works especially well with higher-end homes and more upscale tastes. Neutral colors create a warm and inviting space and are always in style.

4. Use Light Colors for the Illusion of Bigger Space

Light colors are great for a small kitchen or bathroom. Light-colored walls will make the room look bigger and brighter, cutting down on the cramped feeling of a small space. You can easily create a light-colored wall by adding a paint color with a white base. You can create a bold look by adding an accent color, such as yellow or pink, to create some contrast.

5. Add Color Accents to the Furniture

Add color accents to your bathroom or kitchen furniture to help tie the room together. Accent colors work best if you choose a neutral color for the walls and want to bring a piece of furniture to attention. A painting on the wall is also a good idea; just make sure you choose a color that works with everything else in the room.

6. Paint the Ceiling a Different Color

For a dramatic and bold look, you can choose to paint your ceiling a different color. For a neutral kitchen and bathroom design, use a warm tone such as light brown, dark grey, or light blue. You can also use a dark color such as navy or deep wine, which will make your kitchen appear more open. This is an effective way to make a smaller kitchen appear larger and brighter.


When planning your kitchen, bathroom, or closet remodel, you want to choose colors that will fit your style and the look you want. Think about the color scheme in other parts of the house, and look at floorplans to see how the rooms connect. With the right strategy, you will easily find the right colors to create a timeless look that fits your style perfectly.

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