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6 Fresh Kitchen Window Design Ideas to Explore

When remodeling your kitchen, don’t forget about the windows. Kitchen windows, in addition to letting in natural light and providing a view of the outdoors, provide architectural detail to the inside and exterior of the home. Read on for some fresh kitchen window design ideas to explore today.

Go Big or Go Home

A kitchen with solely wall-mounted cabinets shrinks the area and is aesthetically unappealing. To optimize space, make a huge window the main point of any kitchen makeover. It will not only bring in more natural light, but it will also immediately modify the area.

But don’t leave it up on the wall or miss out on the chance to incorporate it into the flow and aesthetic of your kitchen. Cabinets or floating shelves around the window offer aesthetic appeal and draw the eye upward toward the natural light.

Including a window over your workspace or sink increases your perspective while also making you feel less burdened by your culinary chores. After all, it’s far more enjoyable to wash dishes and pans while watching the sunset or nature.

Match and Match

By now, you may want to get rid of the typical white window sill. Thankfully, there are various easy methods to improve the look of your windows and kitchen. For example, try matching the butcher block countertop with the wood accents seen throughout the space. Instead of a basic white window sill, the wood framing is a great architectural choice.

Make the Atmosphere

If the kitchen’s location allows for lovely vistas and plenty of natural light, consider replacing the external wall with windows that wrap around it. Whether you have floor-to-ceiling or half-ceiling windows, entering your kitchen will feel like a breath of fresh air. Meanwhile, black cabinets can make a room appear smaller and darker. 

Because there will be less wall space for cabinets, you can be more creative with storage and cabinet colors. 

Try Window Dressing

A lovely window treatment may provide color, texture, shadow, and seclusion to your kitchen. The ideal window treatment could be a lovely curtain, an amazing shade, or well-placed shutters. After you’ve finished your kitchen makeover and produced a lovely window display, make sure your window treatments match.

Be Unconventional

Windows can be found over the sink, in the eating area, and along the walls of kitchens. Installing windows in unexpected places should be at the top of your makeover agenda if you want your kitchen to be truly unique.

Unexpected windows in the kitchen might be used as a design element. If your kitchen has a void or a wall that needs extra light, a window can help. Even if your room already has a little window or a cabinet, there are a variety of creative ways to use windows.

The huge window provides surprising light and brightness to this small kitchen.

Enhance and brighten

Transom windows may give your kitchen more height, dimension, and visual intrigue. Transom windows are located between the transom and the wall. These windows were initially built for ventilation but are now used for design purposes. Understanding this architectural principle is fascinating, but incorporating transom windows into your kitchen remodel is even more enjoyable. 

Simply, a transom window added to the exterior of a kitchen door will bring light and visual appeal to the entryway. Installing transom windows above the cabinets is a lovely way to add personality if your cabinets do not reach the ceiling and your kitchen has an exterior wall. This move can blend, balance, and harmonize your space.


Sometimes, the kitchen is where the heart is. With that said, we can’t blame you if you want to turn your kitchen space into a safe haven! Now with these new design tips and tricks, you’ll be sure to have the best kitchen in the neighborhood.

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