Planning a Bathroom Remodel: 3 Questions to Ask Yourself

A bathroom remodel is one of the most expensive projects you can take on. Preventing damage to plumbing, accounting for material cost, and keeping quotation fees low are just some of the challenges you should expect to face. For these reasons, it’s necessary to eliminate the unknown variables in your project so you’re fully aware of what you’re getting into.

Do you know what you want out of your bathroom remodel?

Homeowners typically run into renovation issues when they don’t have a complete vision of their project. This unwillingness to answer specific questions will lead to half-hearted choices without a clear goal. Having a realistic view of your renovation process will minimize mistakes and prevent you from going beyond your expenses during the reconstruction process.

In this article, we’ll share three questions you should ask yourself before contacting your building contractors.

What’s your vision for your bathroom?

Instead of interpreting it metaphorically, you should have a checklist of functional and measurable goals for your new bathroom. Do you need better ventilation? Do you need non-slip tiles? Do you need a wider vanity area? It can include specific target measurements or particular products you’d want to have.

Once you have a list of requirements, you can now look for potential solutions and cross out some items off your list. It’s okay to have some blanks in your vision if you’re not yet entirely sure about your choices. Alternatively, having several choices with one requirement can be helpful to weigh your options. Remember that the purpose of having a vision for your renovation is to give you a starting point to work with your building contractor.

What do you have to change in your bathroom?

Having a vision for your new bathroom means some things are lacking or no longer efficient with your current one. To have a clearer idea of your bathroom renovation’s potential expenses, take an inventory of its contents—highlight which areas are problematic and what items or spaces you want to renovate or replace.

Although it seems natural to start everything from scratch, you don’t always have to overhaul all of your bathroom’s contents. Think about how your vision will affect your buying choices for materials. If some bathroom features are still functioning well, removing or upgrading them may not be necessary. Remember to ask your building contractor’s opinion to see which areas should go and which ones should stay.

What trends or inspirations do you have in mind?

The ideal way to communicate your ideas to a building contractor is by presenting visual samples. When making your bathroom renovation plans, copy and curate a set of references. You can also use these samples to determine how certain fixtures and additions will look together. When sharing your plans with your building contractor, use these samples to highlight what features or design motif you’re going for.


Once you have the proper answers to the questions above, you’ll now have a specific response to every question your building contractor will ask you. Being on the same page with your chosen building contractor will minimize any complications you may have with your project. Additionally, understanding each other’s ideas will allow for a safe space for suggestions and improvements. This is why it’s vital to work with an agreeable and reliable building contractor.

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