Bathroom Flooring: What Is the Best Choice to Make?

Picking out the best flooring can make or break a bathroom remodel project. Using material that’s aesthetically appealing is part of the overall priorities, but it’s just as important to be practical about it. Especially since the environment is wet. Top factors to consider include safety, maintenance and durability.

There are plenty of options available on today’s market, however, that effortlessly combine great style and functionality that runs long-term.

A good starting point is to consider who will be using the space in the first place. If there will be young children regularly using said bathroom, the flooring needs to be easy to maintain, hardwearing and-of course-waterproof. Another key factor is to have slip-proofing, because whatever material you choose must have strong anti-slip qualities.

All that said, what is the best choice to make?

Read on for some sound advice in order to make an informed decision according to your needs:

Cement Encaustic Tile

These products are handmade, with every tile having color differences. Even the dimensions and lines vary considerably. While this helps to make them aesthetically attractive, there’s also a lot of patterned and plain designs that can be picked from. Many people like the chalky finish that comes with colorful, big encaustic tile that’s laid out in a checkerboard pattern.

Ongoing maintenance and sealing are necessary in order for them to be well-protected against staining. It’s worth considering in terms of bathroom flooring, though it may not be the ideal choice to make.

Natural Stone Tile

Aesthetically, it’s easy to point at natural stone tile as the ideal choice for bathroom floors. Aside from being absolutely gorgeous, it also affords authentic character. No two pieces of this particular flooring are ever the same.

It should be noted, however, that natural stone is porous and “soft.” This is especially so when natural stone get compared to porcelain. Over time, it will end up staining, weathering and scratching. Sealing and careful maintenance is necessary when this is used as flooring for bathrooms.

Porcelain Tile

If the priority is to be able to have a tough floor with a variety of finishes available, porcelain is a great bathroom floor tile. It’s easily the most ideal flooring material for wet areas in general, bathrooms included. This is because it’s non-porous and hardwearing. Cleaning and maintenance is very easy since it’s made from kaolin clays that are fired at particularly high temperatures. 

It can be made in any material imitation, color and pattern. The amount of detail that can go into the design where porcelain tile is involved is incredibly high.

Other notable qualities include:

  • Available at several price points
  • Available in multiple formats, including mosaics
  • Will not wear over time
  • Will not weather over time
  • Works well with underfloor heating


A homeowner’s choice of flooring can make or break a bathroom remodel project. While getting aesthetically appealing tiles can be sorely tempting, there are also several important factors to consider. Most importantly are those of durability, maintenance and safety. Consider options such as porcelain tile.

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