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5 Simple Steps to Follow for Storm Damage Restoration

The weather condition and its effect is out of any homeowner’s control. Unfortunately, the damage may often be extreme after certain hurricanes or storms that will challenge you and your loved ones. It’s important to keep a clear head during this time and make the right decisions to avoid putting your family or finances at risk.

Here’s a five-step guide that you can follow for storm damage restoration:

1) Gather Information

Intel regarding the storm will be quite important to understand whether it’s safe for you to leave your home in the first place. Although looking out the window may make it seem like your area is in the clear, it might have just been a hiccup rather than the hurricane truly moving away.

Try to look for information on your local news. If you have electricity and internet access, it’s worth looking online to see what other people are saying in regards to the storm’s general effect on the area, as well as updates from the local government and power companies involved.

2) Review the Damage

Once you can confirm that your locality is more or less free of the storm, it’s time to assess the situation with your home. Remember to be wary of any fallen power lines, standing water, and gas leaks that may make the situation even direr.

Pictures of the home’s damage will be a must for you to seek compensation later on. The storm will likely affect the landscaping, exterior, and roofing of your home, so be sure to carefully survey these parts of the property. 

3) Make an Insurance Claim

With the pictures you took, contact and show your insurance provider what kind of damages you have. Depending on your coverage, you should be able to gather adequate compensation for the loss that you and your loved ones are bearing.

Make an insurance claim that would include the temporary living expenses and restoration costs that you would face during this time. With luck, the financial impact of the storm’s property damage won’t be too much of a burden.

4) Call Restoration Services

Restoration will be quite important for your home to get, especially if you want to get back your living space back. Be sure to call up reputable experts who will bring your dream home back to life.

If there were any significant changes that you wanted to make in the past, now’s the best chance to think about those remodeling projects. For instance, if other rooms such as the kitchen or bathroom had been affected, try improving the design as reparations are made.

5) Seek Shelter and Aid

While restoration experts work on your home, it’s important to have a temporary living space to stay in. Consider bringing your family to a hotel for a while, or seek shelter and help from family members and friends who may live close by. It can be tough to shoulder this predicament, but what matters most is that everyone is safe and secure after such a worrying event.


Recovering from storm damage is not an easy task, nor is it an instantaneous process. Just don’t be afraid to ask for counsel or help when needed, especially from those who have expertise in responding to these kinds of situations.

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