Your Fall To-Do List

With the cooler weather rolling in, it’s the perfect time to get down to business and mark some of those home improvement tasks off your list. You know, the ones that when it was 90 degrees outside you refused to do in fear of melting? Here’s some projects that are ideal to tackle in the fall season.

Improvements to your Kitchen

Your kitchen is about to go through it’s busiest season with all of the cooking and baking that goes on during the holidays! Get it ready by changing the lighting, updating the paint color of the cabinets, or installing new appliances. 

Installing New Windows

If you have old windows, it’s possible that cold air could enter your home this winter. Replacing them with new, energy efficient windows will help reduce your energy costs and also keep you warm in the colder months.

Updating your Attic or Basement

Basements and attics have the greatest raw potential in your home. Updating those spaces cannot only add value to your family by providing extra space to gather, hang out, or work, it also adds value to your home by making it livable and putting it to good use. If you’re updating your attic or basement, be sure to insulate them too to keep the air in your home warmer.

Painting the Exterior

Give your home a fresh look with a new coat of paint! Since it’s not as hot outside, you’ll stay cool and keep the direct exposure of sunlight from having negative effects on the paint. 

Don’t handle these remodeling tasks alone! Give us a call and let us help. We’d love to have you as part of the family. (205) 769-9967

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