7 Things to Do before a Whole-House Remodeling Project

A whole-house remodeling project can give your home a fresh and modern look while increasing its property value. It can also improve your property’s energy efficiency, provide more space, and enhance safety and security. 

However, like other significant plans, you must plan to ensure you know where you’ll spend your money and your expectations. The first step is always intimidating for many homeowners, but hiring professionals can help you with the project and determine the best improvements. Otherwise, you’ll waste valuable time and money.

This article will enumerate seven crucial things every homeowner must do before starting a whole-house remodeling project. 

1. Set a Clear Goal

While setting objectives is just as significant as planning for your whole-house remodeling project, you must remember that they’re two unique activities. Setting a clear goal means laying out broader visions. On the other hand, planning is more specific and means discussing the project with a professional contractor or designer. 

You can discuss with your contractor the following goals:

  • Adding more space
  • Boosting your home’s value
  • Creating a specific look or feel
  • Increasing accessibility for your children or senior loved ones
  • Modernizing your living spaces

That way, your designer can create a blueprint that best suits your needs and wants. 

2. Plan for the Future

Once you’ve laid out your whole-house remodeling goals to your contractor, it’s time to plan for your newly revamped home’s future. Homeowners must invest in high-quality materials for their plumbing and underfloor heating systems to provide returns for years to come. 

You can ensure a successful whole-house remodeling project by working with a reputable contractor and doing the necessary research. 

3. Find Renovation Plans That Bring Value

Whether you’re doing a partial or whole-house remodeling project, always treat it as an investment. All changes will impact your home’s overall value. Look for high-quality renovations that will make your space more appealing and guarantee a high return on investment. 

When remodeling your home on a budget, look for value-driven improvements like replacing your garage door, adding stone veneer to your front siding, installing a deck or patio, replacing your entry door, and replacing siding and roofing. 

4. Settle All Permits

Besides setting clear goals and plans, you must also settle all the necessary permits before beginning the whole-house remodeling to avoid legal trouble and hefty fines. 

Simple tasks like painting, flooring replacements, and changing cabinets don’t need a government-issued permit. On the other hand, big projects involving structural, plumbing, or wiring changes may require a license to carry out the project legally. 

You should ensure your project will comply with rules and regulations set by your local government and homeowners’ association. 

5. Book Early

Your whole-house remodeling project should be successful, and the last thing you want is for your contractors to put you on the waiting list because other clients have already booked them. 

For this reason, we encourage you to start with your home improvement project as early as possible by involving your contractors. That way, you can get an accurate timeframe and avoid disappointment because of material price changes or stock outages.

6. Separate DIY from Professional Work

Before beginning your DIY whole-house remodeling project, determine if you have the time, experience, and equipment to complete it. Otherwise, you’re better off leaving it to the professionals. 

7. Remove Everything That Could Block the Way

Before starting your whole-house remodeling project, find a designated area to store your furniture and belongings. Cover the things you can’t move to protect them from dust and debris. 

Ensuring a Successful Project

Remodeling your whole house can be daunting. Fortunately, creating a concrete plan and working with professional contractors can help ensure a successful project.

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