What is Aging In Place?

It simply means remaining in one’s home safely, independently and comfortably, regardless of age or ability level. It means the pleasure of living in a familiar environment throughout one’s maturing years, and the ability to enjoy the daily rituals and the special events that enrich our lives. It means the reassurance of being able to call a house a “home” for a lifetime. – NAHB

As we all know, our bodies are constantly changing. Whether from age or illness, it may become more difficult for us to live in our homes overtime. In fact, one of the biggest obstacles to a person with physical limitations is often their own home. Countertops and cabinets that once worked are now too high, most doors are too narrow, bathrooms may be difficult to maneuver, and stairs can restrict access to the rest of your home. Some of these issues are simple to solve, while others may require a more costly renovation, either way BMR Homes is ready to help. By working together we can come up with a plan to enhance your quality of life.

  • Hallways may need to be widened
  • Ramps installed
  • Redesign kitchens and bathrooms
  • No step entryways
  • One story living modifications

Or simple changes like:

  • Installing non-slip surfaces in bathtubs
  • New lighting
  • Lever door handles

**Chris is a Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS)**

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