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Maximizing Spaces 101: Turning Your Attic into a Game Room

Many homeowners complain about the lack of space in their homes but don’t realize there are one or two things they can do to address the lack of space. How they’ll use the room is entirely up to them, but many use spare rooms as a recreational facility or game room. 

In a game room, you can have amenities for your hobbies, such as a video game console, a board game table, or even an arcade cabinet. What many people don’t realize is that they can actually have all of these in one of the unlikeliest rooms in your home: the attic.

Many homes have an attic that’s enough to accommodate more than one person at once, especially if the home is big enough. An attic game room can be very handy when you want to spend quality time with the family or host gatherings with your friends. 

How do you exactly go about converting your attic into an awesome game room? Read on below to find out.

A Strong Floor

As mentioned above, you can accommodate many people at once when you have an attic game room. However, you should know that it’s only possible to do so if your floor is strong.
A game room will contain some pretty heavy furniture, in addition to bearing the weight of your guests. 

On a related note, gaming can be quite frantic, especially if the people you’re playing with are competitive. If you don’t have a strong attic floor, you might risk damaging your precious game room stuff. You may need additional structural supports.


An attic can be depressing to look at, especially if it’s just left to look like the room serves no other purpose other than to dump stuff that isn’t used anymore. If you’re converting your attic to a game room, a much-needed repaint is in order. You can choose colors that are based on your game memorabilia to maintain a sense of consistency. 

If you don’t want that, you can choose to paint your attic walls like what you see in arcades. You can also choose to put up colorful stickers to give more life to your attic game room.

Natural Light

Since the attic is situated at the very top of your home, it’s good to utilize natural light. You can choose to use light bulbs and other artificial light sources, but natural light can give off a natural, homey feel to your attic game room.

Cozy Furniture

Ideally, you want to spend hours and hours in your game room. For greater comfort, it’s best to get chairs that are comfortable to sit on. If you’re playing video games, a sofa will do you well. Aside from sofas, you can also choose bean bag chairs. After all, comfort can only improve the gaming experience.


If you want a game room, don’t worry. If you have a large enough attic, you can convert it into a game room. You have to make sure you have enough space to fit all of your gaming needs and a strong floor to support the weight. Finally, don’t forget to have fun!

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