Storm Restoration

Top 5 Strategies for Effective Storm Restoration

Storm-related damage can severely impact the structure, aesthetics, and safety of your home. Understanding the necessary strategies for effective storm restoration is crucial for the timely and successful recovery of your beloved dwelling. Immersed in experience and knowledge, family-owned remodeling and restoration business BMR Homes Inc. Remodeling and Restoration can expertly assist you in navigating the complexities of storm restoration while ensuring tailored solutions and steadfast support throughout the process.

With a wealth of knowledge and the assistance of the dedicated team at BMR Homes Inc. Remodeling and Restoration, you can confidently tackle the storm restoration process and secure your home’s future safety, functionality, and value.

Damage Assessment and Documentation: Laying the Foundation for Restoration

The first step in storm restoration is conducting a comprehensive assessment of your property to identify and document all damages incurred. This process is essential for the following reasons:

  1. Insurance claims: Properly documented damages streamline the process of filing and securing insurance claims. Accurate records and photographic evidence ensure that your insurance provider has all the necessary information to efficiently process your claim and provide a fair settlement.
  2. Safety evaluations: A thorough damage assessment reveals any hazards or structural issues, allowing your restoration team to address these concerns for the safety and well-being of you and your family.
  3. Restoration planning: Having a clear understanding of the damage enables your restoration team to devise an effective plan, outlining the necessary repairs and a timeline for project completion.

Securing and Protecting Your Property: Essential Measures

Preventing further damage is crucial to a successful restoration effort. By taking the necessary precautions, you not only protect your home but also minimize repair costs and potential disruptions. The following steps are crucial for securing your property:

  1. Temporary repairs: Implementing temporary fixes, such as boarding up broken windows or patching damaged roofs, can help protect your home from further damage and maintain a safer environment until permanent repairs are addressed.
  2. Tarping services: Utilize professional tarping services to cover damaged roofs, walls, and other areas of your home to prevent water intrusion and additional damages during severe weather or ongoing repairs.
  3. Fencing and barriers: Erecting fences and other barriers can help deter trespassers and secure your property from potential vandalism or theft while restoration efforts are underway.

Professional Water Extraction and Drying: Preserving Your Home’s Structural Integrity

Addressing the water damage that often accompanies storm destruction is an essential step in storm restoration. Extracting the water and thoroughly drying exposed areas is vital for:

  1. Preventing mold and mildew growth: The presence of excess moisture promotes the growth of harmful mold and mildew. By extracting water and thoroughly drying areas, you reduce the risk of these problems developing or worsening.
  2. Maintaining structural integrity: Water damage can weaken and compromise the structural integrity of your home. Prompt water extraction and drying measures help minimize the potential for severe and costly issues such as wood rot or foundation damage.
  3. Preserving indoor air quality: Proper water extraction and drying practices reduce the risk of damp or musty odors while preventing mold spores’ circulation and impact on your home’s air quality.

Reconstruction and Repairs: Restoring Your Home’s Functionality and Appeal

Once the damages have been assessed, and the property is secure and dry, the reconstruction and repair phase begins. This stage of storm restoration involves:

  1. Structural repairs: Addressing any structural issues is paramount for the safety and functionality of your home. This may include fixing damaged roofs, stabilizing weakened walls, or addressing foundation concerns.
  2. Utility restoration: Evaluate and repair any affected utility systems, such as electrical wiring, plumbing, or heating and cooling.
  3. Interior finish restoration: Replace damaged drywall, flooring, trim, and cabinetry, and repaint walls to restore your home’s beauty and cohesion. This stage provides a valuable opportunity to consider any desired updates or enhancements.

Storm-proofing and Preventative Measures: Fortifying Your Home Against Future Damages

To minimize the risk of future storm damages, adopting preventative measures is crucial. By investing in storm-proofing initiatives, you not only enhance the safety of your home and family but also save on potentially costly repairs. Consider the following recommendations:

  1. Storm-resistant windows and doors: Install high-impact, storm-resistant windows and doors. They can help protect your home against damage from strong winds and airborne debris.
  2. Roof reinforcements: Fortify your home’s roofing system by using hurricane-resistant materials, proper fastening techniques, and upgraded flashing to minimize damage from heavy wind and rain.
  3. Landscaping considerations: Proactively maintain trees and shrubbery around your home to reduce the risk of damage from snapped branches or fallen limbs. Also, arrange your landscape in a manner that diverts water away from your home’s foundation.


Storm damage can have a substantial impact on your home, but with the support of BMR Homes Inc. Remodeling and Restoration and a solid understanding of the top 5 strategies for effective storm restoration, you can swiftly recover and fortify your dwelling for the years to come. By assessing, securing, repairing, and preventing damages, you can restore your home’s safety, functionality, and value, protecting the wellbeing of you and your loved ones.

The family-owned team at BMR Homes Inc. Remodeling and Restoration is dedicated to supporting you through the demanding process of storm restoration, offering exceptional expertise and personalized solutions for your unique needs. Contact us today to discuss your concerns with a storm restoration contractor in Hoover, AL.

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