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How to Prepare a Fire Damaged Property for Restoration

One of the scariest things that a household may experience is having their home ravaged by fire. It is devastating, incurs nothing but expenses, and definitely destroys many valuables that may have a sentimental value in them. 

You are better off having a strong wind smashing a few tree trunks through your windows than getting tangled with fire since the former would at least enable you to salvage many essential items in your home; the latter condition, however, not so much.

The good news is that, even if your home were to be destroyed by fire, there are many contractors out there who are willing to lend a hand through their restoration services. It may take time to rebuild once again, but if you would like to familiarize yourself with the preparations before the restoration project begins, look no further than the steps below:

1. Checking the Integrity of the Structure

The contractors will not enter what remains of your home until they can validate that it is finally safe to get back in. The foundation and the frame will be analyzed, whether or not they will be able to hold until such time that the restoration team will be able to estimate the extent of the damage. 

Going through a structure that no longer has a roof or a ceiling is one thing, but going through a possible debris trap is another story overall. By confirming that it will hold, the contractors may gauge the risk at the very beginning.

2. Removing All the Debris

What else is there left to do than to clear the area of its fallen debris? They may include burned timber, collapsed walls, weak flooring, compromised metal frames, you name it! This particular step is done to ensure that the contractors responsible for the rebuild will do their jobs without any object blocking their path.

This may also prove to be a safety measure, as the workforce will never have to worry about stepping on or scratching themselves on the sharp debris or metals.

3. Eliminating All the Excess Water Caused by the Firefighters

Aside from fire, another element that may have weakened your home’s strength may be the influx of water sprayed throughout the ordeal. 

The only way to stop the fire is by hosing down your burning property with high pressures of water, and once that happens, your home may be filled with pools of excess fluid, a mix of black, muddy water with signs of soot. Get rid of them first so that the other assigned contractors may rebuild your house without going through the process of trying to dry the whole property.


By following this preparation guide, you can ensure that the restoration project will go as smoothly as possible. Yes, fire can be devastating, and yes, it turns a lot of your valuables into ash, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t rise again from the incident stronger than ever.

If you check the integrity of the burned house’s foundation, remove all the debris from the fire, and get rid of the excess water, you can bet that your contractors will have an easier time restoring your home.

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