How You Can Make Your Small Kitchen Look Larger

Are you planning to renovate your kitchen soon? The thought can be pretty exciting, but it’s going to take a lot of work and forethought. No matter the size of your kitchen, a kitchen renovation will never come easy, especially because you will have to use it every day. You’d want it to look and function in a way that fits your preferences and lifestyle.

While finding inspiration on making your kitchen look more modern and organized would be easy to do online, looking for ways to make the small kitchen look bigger after a remodel may be harder to imagine. 

Let this article share with you how you can achieve that using these simple ideas:

Use Paint to Trick the Eyes

The most affordable solution to enlarging your kitchen is to be playful with the colors you use in it. Paint is an easy to get and very cheap material that you can purchase anytime, and when done right, you can trick people’s eyes into thinking your kitchen is much bigger than it is. 

Here are some tips to keep in mind when choosing your paint:

  • Keep your ceiling white.
  • Choose light and neutral colors. The brighter the room gets, the more the space feels open and airy. 
  • There are two things you can do for the cabinets: You can either paint them all lighter colors as well or paint the top ones with a light color and keep the bottom cabinets darker. Doing that can create an illusion of height, giving more depth to your room.
  • Do not use matte paint as light would not bounce off this one.

Instead of Closed Cabinets, Explore Open Shelving

Closed cabinets make your room look tighter or more crowded. If you want the room to look like no restrictions at all, open shelving or replacing your cabinet doors with glass would be a better option. When you opt for these solutions, ensure no clutter is found on your shelves. The cleaner, balanced, and more minimalist your kitchen looks, the wider it becomes.

Explore Using Geometric Patterns

If you feel like solid paints are too plain for you, you can always explore adding geometric patterns as your kitchen design or highlight. You can create a bigger room illusion if you style it the right way, whether on your wall or floor. However, it also brings some visual noise to the whole place. When too many geometric patterns are used, it can make your kitchen look more chaotic than you intend to. 

Add Mirrors on Surfaces

It is no secret how using mirrors in tight spaces can make the room look bigger. Mirrors can reflect light, making the space look open and giving it the illusion of depth. With their help, your small kitchen would immediately look bigger, brighter, and better. When the eyes perceive the bouncing reflections, they see it as increased volume, making the room look bigger.


Finding the right designer to handle all your visual and aesthetic concerns is one of the best decisions you can make. With their help, all you need is to know what kind of kitchen remodeling you want, including the tiniest details you want. Then, they would take care of the rest.

BMR Homes have been handling remodeling for many years now. We can help bring that dramatic change you want for your kitchen and home. If you are looking for kitchen remodeling contractors in Homewood, AL, we would be more than happy to help make your visions come true.

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