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Essential Tips on How to Clean Up Your House after a Fire

One of the most destructive factors that can affect a home is fire. Fire damages structures and produces soot and smoke damage that can be difficult to remove.

Professional fire damage repair services are crucial if there has been a fire in your house or another commercial structure, such as a hotel. Here are some suggestions for cleaning up after a fire if you want to get started before the experts get there.

What do you do once the fire has been put out? Safety should be taken into account initially. Do you have permission from your fire marshal to re-enter your property and house? 

Have you already given a fire restoration business a call? It’s advisable to stay away from the damage until an expert gives you the all-clear to start cleaning it up.

You can take certain actions to tidy up your house and begin the reconstruction process. Here are some crucial pointers for cleaning your home after a fire.

Contact Your Insurance Company

Making a claim is the first step. Then, you will want to contact a fire restoration company to help you with the cleanup process. These companies have the experience and knowledge to clean and restore your home properly.

Contact Experts in Fire Damage Restoration

Call the experts first, then begin cleaning up on your own. Moving things around could disrupt harmful particles you don’t want to come into contact with since the smoke and soot that are amassed inside and around your home are unsafe to breathe in.

Air Out Your House

Open every window, door, skylight, and other openings you can find once you’re allowed to enter your house again. To remove as much smoke and potentially dangerous debris from your home, you should ventilate it as much as possible.

Safeguard Unharmed Items

After you’ve ventilated your house, spend some time covering any unharmed items. This will lessen the chance that dust and other particles will harm your possessions as you clean. 

To keep things safe, think about removing them from the fire-damaged regions.

Avoid Using the Outlets

For the time being, avoid plugging or unplugging any electrical devices. Your electrical lines may sustain damage from a fire. Anyone handling this outside of a professional is taking a risk.

Discard Contaminated Items

Throw away any potentially contaminated food goods. Anything that has come into touch with smoke, water, or chemicals used to combat fires should be thrown away, according to the National Ag Safety Database (NASD), including the following:

  • Beef, poultry, fish, eggs, and fresh produce
  • Opened goods and containers
  • Containers with cork inside, cardboard closures sealed with wax, and containers with peel-off caps
  • Any food packaged in cardboard, paper, foil, plastic, cellophane, or cloth
  • Canisters for your pantry basics, including spices, seasonings, extracts, sugar, flour, and other ingredients


It’s worth noting that cleaning up after a fire can take a long time and be quite difficult. However, returning your home to normal can be accomplished by taking each step as it comes. There’s no need to rush the cleaning process. 

Take your time and focus on one area at a time. By doing this, you can keep organized and stay out of stressful situations. Then, you’ll be on your way to getting your home back to normal in no time.

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