A Guide to Kitchen Remodels: Understanding the Three Types

A kitchen remodels is one of the most popular home improvement projects homeowners undertake. A well-designed and functional kitchen adds value to your home and enhances your daily life. However, with so many choices available, choosing the proper kitchen to remodel for your specific needs can take time. 

In this guide, we’ll explore the three types of kitchen remodels with the help of reliable kitchen remodeling contractors.

1. Basic Kitchen Remodel

A basic kitchen remodels is perfect for those who want to update their kitchen without breaking the bank. This type of remodel is ideal for those with a limited budget and who want to focus on small changes that will make a significant impact. 

Some examples of a basic kitchen remodel include: 

  • Cabinet Refacing: This involves changing your kitchen cabinets doors and drawer fronts while keeping the cabinet boxes intact. This is a cost-effective way to give your kitchen a fresh look without replacing all your cabinets.
  • Countertop Replacement: Replacing your countertops with a new material can give your kitchen a much-needed facelift. Some popular options include quartz, granite, and laminate. 
  • Paint: A fresh layer of paint can make marvels for your kitchen. Choose a color that complements your cabinets and countertops.
  • Lighting: Updating your lighting fixtures and adding more light sources can make your kitchen feel brighter and more inviting. 

2. Mid-Range Kitchen Remodel 

A mid-range kitchen remodels is perfect for those who want to make more significant changes to their kitchen. This type of remodel is ideal for those with a larger budget who want to focus on cosmetic and functional changes. 

Some examples of a mid-range kitchen remodel include:  

  • Cabinet Replacement: If your cabinets are old and outdated, it may be time to replace them. This will give your kitchen a more modern look and improve functionality. 
  • Appliance Upgrade: Upgrading your appliances can make a big difference in your kitchen. Consider purchasing energy-efficient appliances that save you money on your monthly utility bills. 
  • Flooring Replacement: Replacing your flooring can completely transform the look of your kitchen. Some popular options include hardwood, tile, and vinyl.
  • Backsplash Installation: A backsplash can add style and functionality to your kitchen. Choose a material that suits your countertops and cabinets. 

3. High-End Kitchen Remodel 

A high-end kitchen remodeling project is perfect for creating a luxurious and functional space. This type of remodel is ideal for those with a large budget who want to focus on cosmetic and operational changes. 

Some examples of a high-end kitchen remodel include:

  • Custom Cabinetry: Custom cabinetry can be designed to fit your needs and specifications, making the most of every inch of your kitchen. 
  • High-end Appliances: High-end appliances can do cooking and entertaining a breeze. Consider investing in a professional-grade range and refrigerator.
  • Stone Countertops: Stone countertops, such as marble or quartzite, can add a luxurious touch to your kitchen.
  • Smart Home Technology: Incorporating innovative home technology into your kitchen can make your life easier. Consider installing a smart oven or refrigerator that can be controlled from your smartphone.


Understanding the three kitchens remodel types can help determine which remodeling project is right for you. Whether on a tight budget or wanting to go all out, kitchen remodels can transform your space and enhance your daily life. Contact reliable kitchen remodeling contractors to help you plan and execute your kitchen remodel project.

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