5 Don’ts to Avoid on Your Home Bathroom Renovation

A bathroom renovation is a certain way to increase the value of your home while also adding a sense of satisfaction to your daily routine. Consider transforming a dark old bathroom with obsolete fixtures into a clean, bright, sparkling new bathroom. However, if you make certain blunders during the renovation process, you risk a major disappointment.

Read on to discover the 5 don’ts on your bathroom renovation and where to find bathroom remodeling contractors in Homewood, AL. 

Don’t Forget to Make a Plan

Before pulling out tiling, ordering towel bars, or reworking the plumbing, make a thorough plan. What goes into such a strategy? To begin with, the design and layout. You should also choose your fixtures and cabinets (toilet, shower, vanity, etc.) and determine whether you need to hire professionals for more difficult chores like electrical work.

If you don’t plan ahead of time and jump in? Expect to invest a significant amount of additional time and money. You’ll also have a few more headaches and a lot of trouble since you’ll quickly discover that your new tub won’t fit through the door or that the faucet you chose isn’t compatible with your sink.

Don’t Use Inappropriate Supplies

Shower enclosures, for example, are designed exclusively for bathrooms. Others are a little hazier. Paint is a great illustration of this: a satin sheen paint will suffice as long as your ventilation is in order. 

Others, for example, prefer certain styles of wallpaper and tile that firmly belong in the “do not use” category. Regular wallpaper would peel and fade fast in a bathroom, so vinyl-backed wallpaper is the way to go.

Natural stone tile is the same way. If you’re going to use tile, you can go with porcelain because of its durability. Natural stone necessitates more sealant and upkeep, which is difficult in a bathroom or shower with soap suds.

Don’t Forget to Let Off Steam

Without sufficient ventilation, even the most opulent bathroom is a failure. Homewood bathroom remodeling contractors recommend that bathrooms must also have an exterior window or a fan that exhausts to the outside.

Is there another issue? Installing an exhaust fan that vents into the attic You’re simply shifting the moisture—and the risk of mold—from the bathroom to another location in this scenario. Installing a fan with an external exhaust is the obvious answer.

Don’t Use A Plastic Liner In Your Tub

It may be tempting to glue a PVC or acrylic bathtub liner over the surface of your current tub/walls rather than replacing the tub entirely if your bathtub has seen better days. After all, the liners are usually less expensive than a complete replacement. They may also support you in refining your bathroom’s look in no time. 

Don’t Overlook Underlayment

Remember to use underlayment between your subfloor and finished floor when installing tile — or any form of flooring. Why? Because the underlayment works as a barrier between the two layers, it protects your flooring from moisture and flood damage while also lowering the chance of other sorts of damage (like cracks in the grout).

Depending on the characteristics of your flooring, underlayment can be made of foam, cork, or polyurethane.


You want to be sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck regarding bathroom renovations in Homewood, AL. A bathroom remodel is an investment in your future–one in which you will profit since you went to the bother of raising the worth of your home!

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