4 Ways to Make Your Bathroom More Energy-Efficient Today

Bathrooms can be some of the more expensive rooms to renovate, given the amount of work that has to be done. Still, energy efficiency measures can be incorporated into your bathroom remodel, whether you’re building a new one from scratch or overhauling an existing one.

Adding energy efficiencies to a bathroom remodel is a smart move. It makes the remodel eco-friendlier while saving energy and lowering utility bills. Adding energy efficiencies to a bathroom remodel also adds value to your home.

So, what are the energy-efficient moves you can do for your bathroom? 

1. Get a Low-Flow Toilet

Water is important in your bathroom. However, a lot of homeowners use water unnecessarily. You can prevent this by getting a low-flow toilet and a showerhead. Doing so will make the bathroom more energy-efficient as they can reduce lost water. Don’t worry; low-flow showerheads don’t have a difference in shower pressure. In comparison, low-flow toilets are nothing to worry about because not every flush needs the same amount of water. 

2. Consider Adding Insulation

One of the most effective ways to make your bathroom more energy efficient is through its insulation. Aside from insulation in the walls, you should also have insulation around water pipes. Since it takes a lot to heat water, heat can slowly escape as the water is transported from the tank to the faucets. With that, look for foam pipe insulation to prevent heat loss and save money. 

When looking for additional insulation, get the one with a high R-value for maximum efficiency. 

3. Regulate and Monitor Water Temperatures

You consume a lot of energy when you heat your water, but it’s a necessity. Usually, your water heater regulates and keeps your tank at 140 degrees continually. A good way to achieve a more energy-efficient bathroom is to regulate and monitor water temperatures. 

4. Invest in Energy-Saving Lights

Consider upgrading to LED lights for your bathroom. LED lights can help reduce the amount of energy consumption, and they are brighter compared to incandescent bulbs. Additionally, this type of light lasts longer than other bulbs, which makes them a great investment that will save you a lot of money in the long run. 

You also might want to consider motion detector lighting to save more on electricity. This type of light will avoid unnecessary energy consumption when you or other people in the house forget to turn off the lights. With motion sensors, the lights will turn off automatically after a specific period, which means you never have to worry if the lights are on or off in the bathroom. 

Achieve a More Energy-Efficient Bathroom Today

Energy efficiency is one of the most important elements of a bathroom remodeling project. It is an important first step in incorporating sustainability into any home remodel. Since your home is one of the biggest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions, you can make some adjustments to make it more energy-efficient and sustainable. By making some easy upgrades to your bathroom, you can start to improve its energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gasses by as much as 40%.

Start your bathroom remodel in Homewood, AL today. BMR Homes knows how to reduce your carbon footprints through our restoration and remodeling solutions. Contact us today!

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