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4 Steps to Take After the Storm Caused Damage to Your Home

When a hurricane damages your home, you may feel like your life has been turned upside down. You may be feeling overwhelmed by the hurricane’s devastation and unsure where to begin.

A storm’s aftermath can be dangerous, whether caused by flooding, wind, or lightning. Also, live power wires, mold, and open areas of your property can all put you in danger. So, what you do after a storm can significantly impact what happens next. 

As difficult as recovering from hurricane or storm damage, you can find comfort in knowing that many others have faced similar difficulties. If you know what to expect and understand as much as possible before a storm hits, you’ll be better prepared to restore normalcy quickly.

To be guided, here are the steps to take after the storm caused damage to your home:

1. Contact Your Insurance Company

Natural disasters such as tornadoes, lightning strikes, and winter storms are typically covered by most homeowners’ insurance policies. So, your first step should be to get in touch with your home insurance company and inquire about the amount of hurricane damage coverage they provide.

It would be best to take photos of the damage to your home. These will prove the damage’s extent and any items your insurance policy may cover. Send these to your insurance provider, who will probably send out an appraiser to look at the damage and estimate based on how much coverage your policy gives you.

Keep these images safe and easily accessible, like on your phone or backed up on a flash drive.

2. Get a Home Inspection and Property Assessment

While waiting for your insurance adjuster to arrive, you might want to explore getting a home inspection and property assessment. This will give you a sense of the scope of the damage so that you can ask your adjuster for a faster and more accurate recovery.

3. Hire Professionals for Restoration Services

Getting your home back to normal as soon as possible after a storm is essential. Mold can grow 24 to 48 hours after being exposed to moisture in drywall, carpets, or flooring.

Furthermore, any biohazard spills, such as gas leaks or sewage problems, must be addressed immediately. It would be best to hire restoration services to save you the hassle.

They have the right equipment and proper training to ensure the work is done well without causing further damage. This will save you time and money because they have the knowledge and expertise to do the job efficiently and effectively.

4. Prepare for Upcoming Storms

Storms can happen any time of the year, so you must be prepared for them at home and at work to prevent or limit their impact. Keep a list of important information and materials on hand to prepare for the next storm. 

Ensure to secure essential documents in a waterproof document folder or waterproof plastic envelope to keep them safe from water and humidity. Preparation is the key to making any hurricane recovery process less stressful.


The aftermath of a storm can wreak havoc on your home. Mold, water damage, and fire risk are some calamities you could encounter. Professional restoration services can help you avoid financial and legal problems after the fact.

But you also have to make sure that you follow the proper steps to get your life back to normal. Doing so will help you avoid unnecessary hassles and expenses for your home restoration.

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