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Frequently Asked Questions

Are all vinyl windows the same?

No. There are many different ways windows are manufactured and many different quality levels. Like anything else, you get what you pay for. There are many different types of thermal glass systems, all contributing to the overall cost.


Will I save energy on my heating and cooling costs?

Absolutely! Because of the high quality of our Simonton windows, you are guaranteed energy savings.


What happens if the thermal seal of the glass goes bad?

Every Simonton glass unit has a non-prorated lifetime warranty against seal failure.


Who will install my windows?

Our own trained craftsmen will install your new windows with precision and care. This will ensure both a quality installation and a beautiful job.


How long does it take to install windows?

Most jobs can be completed in one day, including clean up, but it ultimately depends on how many windows are being installed.


How can we finance our project?

We can show you several financing options that can help you get the job done within your budget.


How long will it take before my windows are ready to be installed?

Since your windows are custom made to fit your home, it normally takes 1 to 3 weeks, depending on how busy the factory is, and the window you order. We'll give you a firm time estimate at the time of purchase.


Are there advantages to vinyl over wood?

Yes, there are many advantages. Our vinyl windows are all custom made for a perfect fit. Most wood windows are standard size and won't fit without a great deal of construction or carpentry work. Wood windows also require a tremendous amount of finish work (sanding and staining) that takes time and is expensive. Plus the vinyl windows are more energy efficient. Our warranty is much better (longer) than wood window warranties.


What do I have to do to prepare for the installation?

Make sure that we have a clear path to all windows and all window treatments that will be removed.


Should I expect any damage to my home from the installation?

No, because custom windows are made to fit your home. Typically we do not have to disturb the interior or exterior of the home so there should be no issues with your home.


How will the outside of the windows be finished?

After the new windows have been installed and the inside of the house is finished, we will go outside to each window and cover all exterior wood casings with custom fit high guage coil stock.


How long will my home be exposed to the weather?

Your home will not be exposed long. Each old window that we take out will be replaced and the opening will be 'weather tight' before we move on to the next window.


What kind of maintenance is needed for the new windows?

The new windows are maintenance free. The exterior of the window is vinyl and the window trim is finished with high guage coil stock.


Do I have to be home for the windows to be delivered?

We like to have the windows delivered the day prior to installing. We prefer to meet you for delivery.


How does your glass breakage warranty work?

If the glass ever breaks for any reason we'll replace it free of charge. We will make it as hassle free experience should the need arise.

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