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Siding Replacement in Birmingham, AL Area

Siding, Trim, and Gutter Replacement Experts

in the Greater Birmingham Area

BMR Homes, Inc. Remodeling and Restoration is highly experienced in professional siding replacement. Birmingham, AL and surrounding areas can depend on BMR Homes when remodeling their homes.


Siding is probably the most important part of the exterior of your home. Vinyl siding protects your home from the elements, decreases maintenance, and increases the resale value of your home more than any other home improvement project.


When replacing siding on your home, there are several things that need to be considered during the process: choosing the right contractor, choosing the manufacturer of the product, the material that the siding is made from, the siding style, and the color scheme. Siding repair or replacement is typically a multiple day project - so be prepared.


The Exterior


Every home has a few basic areas that make up the exterior, although the use of each configuration varies from neighborhood to neighborhood. You can expect each house to have some variation of the following:


Rake Board


Rake board on a home typically runs along the roof gable line at the same slope of the roof. It provides a nice transition from the siding to the roof. Rake boards can be costly to maintain if left exposed and need to be painted each year. For those that do it themselves, it can be dangerous and difficult to reach the high areas near the top of the roof.


Fascia Board


The fascia board is what the gutter is secured to, and as a result, it is important to take the right steps when replacing gutters on a home. If the gutters are giving you problems and you are considering replacing them, it is wise to find the right maintenance free solution for the fascia. It is a costly mistake to only consider the fascia boards after new gutters are installed. To properly seal the fascia board, the gutters must be removed and it is impossible to preserve and re-hang gutters once they have been installed.




Whether it is to cover the ceiling underneath a porch or to be affixed under overhangs, there are many styles to choose from. The area under the roof overhang should be vented to allow intake into the attic, and the area under the porch may need to be fancier. It may also have to have more curves and no vents to prevent insects from getting in the ceiling.


Frieze Board


Frieze boards are decorative wood trim, predominantly on the front of a home that is attached underneath the soffit. Sometimes, to save cost, the siding being put on the house covers this.


Gutter Replacement


Gutter replacement is an important project to consider for Birmingham homes. Gutters provide a system to carry water away from the home to prevent water from collecting where it shouldn’t. Seamless gutters use hidden hanger systems to add rigidity to the gutter and to properly secure the gutter to the fascia board. Seamless gutters come in two standard sizes for remodels in Birmingham area homes, five-inch and six-inch. Six-inch gutters are generally for steeper hoofing systems.

What to Expect - Siding Replacement Projects

Because each home is unique, each siding project is unique. When you hire our company you can be confident that we know how to:


1. Correctly fasten the siding. This will allow the vinyl's normal expansion and contraction properties and keep it straight and secure on the wall.


2. Properly prepare the area around doors, windows, and other openings. This will prevent water infiltration, keeping your home dry.


3. Pay attention to the details. This will give your home a beautiful appearance that will last.

Expert Analysis

At times, siding replacement requires existing siding to be removed prior to installation of the new product. Unfortunately, this is always the case when aluminum siding or older vinyl siding is being upgraded. Some siding can be covered with the new siding to serve as extra insulation.


Breathable foam insulation products are recommended as an underlayment to prevent moisture from getting into walls and also serve as an insulator. House wraps and foam insulation can increase your home’s energy efficiency.

What's in it for you?

New siding is a great way to give your home a new look. It can also be more energy efficient and reduce the heating and cooling cost for your home. Furthermore, it provides one of the best returns on investment of all exterior home remodeling projects. Replacing siding also decrease the likelihood of leaks and moisture, thus saving you even more money in the long run.



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