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Why choose BMR Homes to replace your patio doors?

* BMR Homes is a Simonton Preferred Window Installer.


* We are a reliable alternative to pricy large companies.


* We offer high quality replacement doors with many features and options for your



* We offer a highly trained installation team that is friendly and professional.

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Simonton Patio Door

                                                           Simonton Windows Corporation not only

                                                           manufactures our windows, but our patio doors as

                                                           well. Simonton was established in 1946 and they

                                                           are recognized as a top 50 windows and patio

                                                           door manufacturer nationwide. Simonton has

                                                           been a top rated patio door replacement-

                                                           manufacturing firm and was ranked “Highest in

                                                           Customer Satisfaction with Windows and Doors,

                                                           Three Years in a Row.” All of Simonton's patio doors

display the AAMA Gold label. This demonstrates a commitment to producing a consistent and efficient product line. Simonton is one of the best and highly rated window and patio door companies in the country, they consistently provide a high quality product to customers.

What are the Benefits of Choosing Vinyl Patio Doors?

Several great things about vinyl windows are their affordability, energy efficiency and its quality. Vinyl is a major player in products used for residential and commercial construction. Vinyl is the third largest plastic consumed globally, and vinyl windows and doors are growing immensely in popularity. Vinyl windows and doors offer energy efficiency, low cost, and are extremely low maintenance.

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Why are these Patio Doors so Great?

1. Fusion-Welded Construction - bonds each corner together to create rigid, one-piece panels that offer reliable strength and durability.


2. Multi-Point Locking System - added security with this heavy duty, thumb turn style deadbolt locking mechanism.


3. Intercept Spacer - keeps glass warmer for increased efficiency and comfort, while flexing and contracting to reduce seal failure.


4. Fin Seal Weather stripping - Creates a barrier between the frame and the operating panel to keep air and water out.


5. Adjustable Corrosion-Resistant Rollers - allow for smooth panel operation over a long period of time.

AAMA Certified Replacement Patio Doors

AAMA stands for the American Architectural Manufacturing Association. The windows we carry are tested for specific standards. Each replacement window is tested to assure that standards are met for structural adequacy to withstand:


* Wind


* Air Infiltration


* Water Leakage


* Forced Entry




1. Energy Efficiency - Low-E is a film placed on the inside of the glass to reduce radiant heat transfer through the glass by using reflection. This is particularly helpful in the summer months, especially in Alabama. Gas fills are colorless, odorless, tasteless, non-toxic gases such as Argon and Krypton, which are up to six times denser than air. The added gas fill helps reduce temperature transfer by replacing the air between the two panes.


2. Safety Glass - Tempered glass features the surface going through an added compression stage. It is required by code that all sliding glass doors have tempered glass. When shattered, the glass breaks into tiny harmless pieces. Laminated glass features a piece of thick plastic sandwiched between two panes of glass. When fused, the interlayer creates a strong barrier so if the glass is broken; it adheres to the plastic interlayer and cannot be penetrated. Safety glass is much safer in your home than regular glass that breaks in sheets.


3. Spacer System - Spacers are the materials placed between two or more pieces of glass in order to maintain a uniform width between the glass, and prevent sealant distortion. This keeps glass warmer or cooler for increased efficiency and comfort, while flexing and contracting to reduce seal failure.


**All windows come with spacer units


The greatest door means nothing without good installation around it, you wont be fixing any problems. Here is how we make sure that you didn’t buy a pretty door for no reason:


1. We come to your home and take measurements of all your doors to make sure we have everything correct.


2. After taking the measurements for your doors we place an order with the manufacturer. A cad drawing is then drawn up to check for accuracy and approval. Once approved we finish placing the order and the doors go through a custom build.


3. We go over schedules and make a plan to come in and replace your door.


4. The day is here!! Our crew comes in, removes your old door, and starts set up for your new door to go in. We follow the manufacturer’s instruction on the proper procedures to install your door:


* We use high quality insulation between the doorframe and the rough opening frame of your home.


* We use our exclusive TrimShield exterior capping package where we carefully measure and bend a special product to conform to the outside trim around your patio door.


* While outside, we use a high quality caulk that specially formulated for exterior use.


* We use an acrylic caulk on the inside of the home to further seal your investment as well as finish the job cleanly and professionally

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