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"We couldn't have asked for a better job. Whenever people come over, they ask if they can stay downstairs. We love it down here too. Maybe we'll sell the house and the new owner will let us live downstairs.


To find a contractor for the remodel, I didn't have to look any further than my daughter's volleyball games. Chris's daughter played on the smae team, so I asked him to take a look at the project.


We really wanted an honest opinion on what we could do downstairs, so I asked Chris to take a look even though his schedule was really busy. I had considered a couple of firms I found on 'Angie's List', but after I talked to him and heard all of his ideas I told him we'd really like to work with him.


Fortunately, we were able to work out a schedule that allowed him to take on the project. Being able to work with someone you know and trust is key to being successful. We couldn't be happier.”


– Mike and Wendy Bedford

“Our remodeling project required a lot of trust. As an exterior remodel, you don't really know what exactly you're in for until the old exterior comes off and you see what the extent of the damage is underneath. Chris was great every step of the way, offering us options and advice on which option he thought made the most sense from a quality vs. cost perspective.


In the end, I feel like we not only ended up with a great-looking house, but a more energy effecient house as well. Chris had just gotten his Green Builder Certification so we incorperated a lot of what he had learned into our project. The 'green' part of the project began with an in-depth home energy audit which helped us to make more informed decisions like what type of insulation to use and where. Today my 20+ year old home exceeds the requirements of an Energy Star rated home! And we are loving the resulting power bills -- we have a 4200 sq. foot home, keep the temperature between 74 and 76 and our bill with Alabama Power for June, 2011 (remember how unusually hot it was -- the highs were from 95 to 99 degrees for 20 out of 30 days) was only $288.88!”


– Scott Wepfer

“We were very fortunate to have BMR Homes complete a custom rebuild of our home in Kiln Mississippi. We purchased a house that had water damage from Hurricane Katrina and was completely gutted. This house also had a schoolhouse that was built in the 1880s attached to that main house, which presented its own special challenges. Chris Youngs enthusiastically came to our rescue with an affordable option to restore this house to the home of our dreams. No matter what obstacle ha came across, he always had affordable options and resolved the issue at hand. Chris is a true professional, honest and fair, which resulted in a job well done!”


– Patrick and Janet Cain



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